Frequent Questions

How do you play?

Please download and read the attached PDF. It is a very easy game to start playing.

What equipment do I need?

Social sets of boules are available at the Club for newcommers. But as you get more experienced we recommend the purchase of a set of regulation boules which will help your game skill progress.

Under Petanque New Zealand rules all players are required to wear fully covered footwear (a boule dropped on a bare toe will hurt!) and we advise wearing a hat and sunscreen.

Are all ages welcome?

We welcome players of all levels over the age of 12 with no upper age limit.

Is it difficult to learn?
Not at all, the rules are very simple and most people find they pick up the game very quickly. As with many games and sports, as you progress and develop your technique the game will become more strategic and challenging, depending on what level you wish to compete at.

What fitness level is required?
The game is very easy on the body, however does involve being on your feet for up to an hour at a time. Some players use walkers to rest so please do not let a concern about fitness hold you back from giving it a try.

How do I start?
Just come along and have a go. You will want to wear shoes suitable for walking, some water and a sunhat. We will supply the rest and provide training if required.

How much does it cost? There is a $5 ‘piste’ fee per day for visitors and non-members. If you choose to join, the annual membership is $60, plus $2 for each day’s play up to a maximum of 30 days play. There is no charge for more than 30 days play in the year.

The fee includes full club subscription, affiliation to both Petanque New Zealand and Auckland Petanque Association plus maintenance of club facilities and full membership to Club Mt Maunganui as well as access to all their amenities and events.

Can I give it a try before joining?
Absolutely, you are very welcome to come along for a few visits before opting to become a full member.

When do you play?
We play every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.